“Elizabeth is knowledge, professional, and passionate about what she does. Because she is an athlete, she understands to effects of rigorous training regiments and has the experience to trouble shoot problems that are occurring with other athletes. Most importantly, she honestly cares about what she does and the people she helps.”

Melis U., Portland, OR

“Elizabeth is the best! She has a way of listening that gets to the heart of any problem….. physical, emotional or both! She has a heart of gold, a curiosity and determination to get to the core issue(s) and the ability to know what is best for you in that moment. She is a mom’s hug, a friend’s laughter and a practitioner’s care all rolled up into one tiny, formidable package!”

Alicia H., Milwaukie, OR

Elizabeth Bourgeois has such an amazing sense of the whole person. She is also an athlete well-attuned to sports injuries and knows intuitively and through her medical training how to truly help her patients heal from the inside out. It’s a relief to be on the path back from a chronic hip injury!

Gina W., Lake Oswego

For someone who is terrified of needles I never thought I would go to acupuncture. So, when I hurt my arm, I just suffered thru it. After 8 months of trying to fix it myself I caved and went to see Elizabeth. She was amazing. Most everything she did was barely noticeable and in one day my arm just no longer hurt.

Lisa M., Aloha, OR.