Basically, acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into specific areas of the body to stimulate the body’s own resources, improve circulation, and excite a healing response.
YES. We use sterile, single-use acupuncture needles and have been trained extensively in anatomy and physiology. Studies show that with proper clean needle techniques and anatomy training there is little to be concerned over. Know your acupuncturist and their background to assure your safety!
That depends on the patient and the focus. While occasionally you can feel the prick of the insertion, the needles are about the diameter of a hair follicle in size and do not always elicit lasting unpleasant sensations. Working around injuries and inflammation may create more discomfort. In many cases, acupuncture often creates pleasant sensations in the body as blood circulation improves, muscles relax and breathing deepens, and endorphins are released. If an acupuncture point is causing pain, the needle is removed or repositioned to change the sensation.
A full hour of my time, utilized in the most efficient way to get the results you need. Back pain? Expect a few background questions about related events of injury, some range of motion assessment, and bodywork in addition to your needles. Interested in using Chinese Medicine in conjunction with your Western diagnosis and medical care? Expect a longer intake with your acupuncture session or custom herbal formula. You will complete an intake form before your next session so more time can be spent reviewing your needs. Expect to feel better than when you arrived. Sometimes patients feel drowsy afterwards and feel more energized with less pain in following days. Expect to be heard. It’s your time. We can utilize a variety of tools to meet your needs.
Acupuncture is often performed fully or partially clothed. Business or casual attire is fine as long as you are comfortable lying on a treatment table, however loose fitting pants is always an easier choice, so that points around the knee can easily be accessed and bodywork performed. Professional draping, similar to massage, is used when areas like the hip need to be accessed to resolve local pain.
This is highly dependent on the condition and how long you’ve suffered with it! Generally speaking, you can expect to see at least minor improvement with one or two treatments. With acute ailments, sometimes this is all that is needed, such as with a stiff neck you woke up with. I will let you know after a review of your situation whether I expect a resolve in 4-6 appointments, or if 8-10 are more likely. Old injuries such as sprained ankles from the past will take more time. It is fair to say that for every year you’ve had the condition, expect about a month of acupuncture needed to effectively resolve the situation.
In some cases, acupuncture is the right method of treatment. In other cases, herbs are a more effective strategy. I have received extensive knowledge in herbal medicine and am qualified to write you a custom formula with consideration for your prescriptions and any possible contraindications. Herbal medicine is stronger than acupuncture and sometimes adverse side effects can occur. Custom formulas require a commitment, both in terms of taking the formula and also in terms of communication with your practitioner. Small adjustments and changes are made to your formula as your body responds to the medicine and moves back into balance. Always tell your physician that you are working with an acupuncturist and herbalist (and be prepared: some physicians will have strong opinions about Chinese medicine…be sure to ask how much they have studied it 😉
At this time, Warrior Sports Medicine is not in-network with any insurance providers. It’s one of the ways that we can maintain low prices and offer full hour long treatments. That being said, we can always try to bill your insurance carrier if they include out-of-network acupuncture as part of your policy. Usually a quick call to your insurance provider answers the question.